You may have arrived here because you came across the following decal somewhere in the real world-- 



You may be wondering: why such a dramatic warning about a product that so many people use every day, often for hours at a time? Certainly these "air pods" are safe, right??

Contrary to what you see in our culture-- and what you may have been led to believe-- these devices are NOT safe, and one should never keep them in such close proximity to the head, or have them on their person for long periods of time. In other words, DO NOT USE THESE PRODUCTS.


Because many electronic devices such as these emit wireless radiation that has been proven to cause numerous and quite serious health problems and disrupt our cognitive functioning (thinking), even when used as intended by the manufacturers.

To get the hard, scientific facts about these radiation-emitting "air pods," go to Environmental Health Trust's website:

Airpods Health and Safety FAQs

On their site, you can also learn more about the radiation dangers of other devices such as "smart" phones, laptops, tablets, "smart" watches, etc. 

And if you'd like to help SPREAD THE WORD about the dangers of these products, please share the above link with friends, family, and community. You may also purchase the wireless radiation decals (and others) at my online shop:


Note: there are two sizes: the smaller one is perfect for a water bottle, laptop, or lamp post, the bigger one is ideal for your vehicle's bumper; one thing I've learned over the years is that people do read bumper stickers!


The health effects aside for a moment: my main concern as an educator with this technology is the negative impact that it has on brain function. Over the last decade-and-a-half, I've seen firsthand a marked decrease in students' cognitive abilities, and I wholeheartedly believe that our electronic technology has much to do with it. The data strongly supports this theory, as social psychologist Jonathan Haidt points out in his excellent new book The Anxious Generation. It's quite a startling phenomenon that we're seeing; although if we're being entirely accurate, we should call it a CRISIS.

FYI, I recently gave a couple of talks on the topic of technology's impact on cognition, here in Asheville, and I plan to do so again. I will also touch on the topic in my next talk; if you're local to the area and would like to be apprised of the next event, send me your email address and I'll put you on the notification list!